• FIRST Report

    The Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas is a financial accountability rating system that holds school districts accountable for the quality of their financial management practices.

    TEA uses a wide array of data sources in calculating the financial accountability indicators.

    · Annual Financial Report (AFR) · Data Feed · PEIMS · Warrant holds · Foundation School Program · Other Sources, i.e. IRS, TRS, TWC

    Campbell ISD Passed with a Superior District Score – 100 out of 100 

  • Superior Achievement Press Release

    For Immediate release, November 16, 2023
    Campbell Independent School District earns “Superior Achievement” Again
    The Campbell Independent School has earned another "Superior Achievement'' rating from the Texas
    Education Agency (TEA). The state's school financial accountability rating system, known as the School
    Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST), ensures that Texas public schools are held
    accountable for the quality of their financial management practices and that they improve those
    practices. The system is designed to encourage Texas public schools to better manage their financial
    resources to provide the maximum allocation possible for direct instructional purposes.
    The state has continued to recognize that our district is on solid footing. In the past 21 years, they have confirmed this by awarding the district their highest rating on the FIRST
    Report. This shows our long
    standing commitment to strong financial standards, which begins with the tone set by our community
    and Board of Trustees. Our focus on financial responsibility allows us take care of our kids. In the past year, we have prudently used our savings on numerous improvements, such as capital projects to
    replace the old roof, re-tile floors in the cafeteria & halls, resurface the gym floors, invest in a proper
    playground and get new technology in the hands of students and teachers. The Superintendent, Dr.
    Denise Morgan, along with all the staff, continue to ensure the safety and education of our students and the success of our school.
    TEA annually evaluates school districts using a series of indicators ranging from the findings of external
    auditors to cash-on hand, debt and staffing levels. Campbell ISD received all 100 points possible.
    Detailed criteria used for the FIRST accountability rating is available online at
    A detailed summary of the FIRST report was presented in the public hearing held today before the
    regularly scheduled Campbell Independent School District’s Board of Trustees meeting.
    Campbell Independent School District is located in Northeast Texas in Campbell, TX


    Press contact: Dr. Denise Morgan, Superintendent
    CAMPBELL Independent School District|dmorgan@campbellisd.org|903-862-3259

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  • 2022-2023 First Report Public Hearing

    2022-2023 RATINGS BASED ON SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022 DATA
    What is School FIRST and What is its Purpose?
    School FIRST is a financial accountability rating system that holds
    school districts accountable for the quality of their financial
    management practices.
    School FIRST is designed to encourage Texas public school to
    manage their financial resources better in order to provide the
    maximum allocation possible for direct instructional purposes.
    School FIRST is a tool that creates transparency and
    discloses the quality of local management and
    decision-making processes that the school district
    uses concerning the financial resources the school
    district receives.
    •School district must prepare and
    distribute an annual financial
    management report
    •Public hearing to provide an
    opportunity for comment on the report
    •15 indicators of a financial nature
    •A – Superior
    •B –Above Standard
    •C – Meets Standard
    •F – Substandard

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  • 2020 First Rating Announcement

    FIRST Rating released by TEA August 6, 2020
    Campbell ISD has again received a rating of “Superior Achievement” under the Financial Integrity Rating
    System of Texas (FIRST) for the 2019-2020 school year. The Superior Achievement rating is the highest
    available, demonstrating the quality of CISD’s financial management and reporting system.
    This FIRST rating examines 15 financial accountability indicators and factors within Texas school districts
    to evaluate their performance in the management of financial resources. CISD has earned the top rating
    of Superior Achievement every year the system has existed, for a total of eighteen years.
    Campbell’s financial status is strong, and under the financial leadership of the Business Manager,
    Principal, Superintendent and the Board of Trustees, CISD will continue to place a strong emphasis on
    financial accountability and transparency.
    The Schools FIRST accountability rating system assigns one of four financial accountability ratings to
    every Texas school district, with the highest rating being “Superior Achievement,” followed by
    “Above-Standard Achievement,” “Standard Achievement” and “Substandard Achievement.”
    Districts with serious data-quality problems may receive the additional rating of “Suspended - Data
    Quality.” Districts receiving the latter two ratings must file a corrective action plan with the Texas
    Education Agency.
    Additional information on the TEA Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas can be located on-line at:

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  • Notice First Report Public Hearing

    The Campbell Independent School District will hold a public meeting
    At 6:15 pm, November 16, 2023
    in the Board Room of the Administration Building
    480 N Patterson, Campbell, TX 75422
    The purpose of this meeting is to discuss Campbell ISD’s rating
    on the state’s financial accountability system.

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  • First Rating Comparison

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  • Superintendent Contract

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