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COVID PLAN Revision 07/21/2022

 COVID 19 Plan

Update 07/21/2022

Latest Guidance- This plan is fluid and may change based on school board, the Governor, Local Judge, the Texas Education Agency, and/or other authority to shut down a school



  1. All students will return to the campus next school year. We will not offer virtual learning
  2. Visitors with appointments (ARDs, Parent Teacher conference) will be allowed to sign in on campus. Unannounced visitors will be asked to make an appointment and return at the scheduled time following COVID screening protocols.  Appointments can be made at 903-246-9305.
  3. Breakfast or lunch visitors will be allowed. This may change if an outbreak requires us to close to visitor.
  4. A meet the teacher event is being planned to allow time to visit the campus prior to school starting. This may be cancelled if there is a COVID outbreak or other safety concern.
  5. Students will participate in in school tutorial times each day to address learning loss.
  6. Mental health checks with students and staff will occur.

Medical Protocol

  1. Face masks will be optional for students and staff. This is subject to change by orders from above agencies. In keeping with CDC guidelines, we do encourage those not vaccinated to wear facemasks.
  2. Parents/Guardians are asked to review the symptoms list and temperature check their student(s) daily. The school will not check each student daily as they enter the building.
  3. Students or staff running fever should stay home.

School Bus

  1. Face masks are optional on the bus, but seatbelts are required to be worn.
  2. School buses will run normal routes with normal numbers of students on board.
  3. School buses will be cleaned with disinfectant.




  1. Students will be assigned tables to sit at by grade level to reduce the threat of COVID 19 spread.
  2. Tables will be disinfected between groups coming in to eat.
  3. Students should remain seated in their section throughout the lunch period.
  4. Breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge for all students.


Restroom and Hallways

  1. Restrooms will be cleaned after every passing period.
  2. Door handles and hallway common touch points will also be cleaned after every passing period.

UIL and Extracurricular Activities

  1. Students must be present at school and at practices/meetings to participate in UIL or extracurricular activities.
  2. Should the state require us to offer virtual school and in person simultaneously, only those enrolled in in-person learning will be eligible to participate in any UIL or extracurricular activity with the exception of the Senior Commencement Ceremony after the last day of school.
  3. These activities expose students to great risk to many other kids/schools/fans. If a student cannot attend face to face instruction, then the student will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities that expose the student further.



It is recommended that if a staff member or student has symptoms of COVID they should seek medical professional care for testing or have the school nurse test.


CDC Guidelines presently do not require Shutdown or Quarantine for exposure. They do recommend quarantine of those with COVID, fever and/or with symptoms, or a close contact as defined in the flow chart.

 However, should that change, the following will be in place.


COVID Quarantine/Shut Down

Or Mandated State Virtual School



  1. Parents will have an option to quarantine those exposed to COVID.
  2. Students with COVID 19 or Symptoms of COVID should be seen by a medical professional for diagnosis or may be tested by the school nurse with guardian permission. Sick students will be sent home by the nurse.  They may only return after meeting the following criteria:
    1. 5 days quarantine, plus
    2. NO fever or symptoms for 24 hours


  1. Release from a medical professional (negative covid test alone will not work)
  1. Students who are vaccinated do not need to quarantine if exposed to COVID.
  2. Parents will have the ability to sign out a computer per child for the school year. Agreement must be signed - Computers must return or pay for missing, not returned, or damaged computers at the end of year.
  3. Per TEA rule, students on quarantine will be required to meet synchronously for 4 hours a day to receive academic instruction and to be counted present for the 90% attendance rule.
  4. GRADING AND ATTENDANCE: the 90% attendance state rule will apply to all students - all assignments given in face to face must be completed by those entering the classroom remotely.  Failure to complete assignments or attendance rules will result in failing grades.
  5. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) will be covered following the TEKS resource systems scope and sequence.
  6. STAAR testing will occur in person.