Visitor, Volunteer, College Observation Guidelines

Volunteers, and College Student Observers:
All volunteers and persons wishing to observe classes must have a current name based
background check completed prior to arriving on campus or at campus events. This form must
be completed annually as defined by August 1- July 31 of a school year.
You may download the form and return it to either the campus or the administration office at
least one week prior to the desired event. Once cleared your name will be added to the
eligibility list on campus for that year.
You must make arrangements in advance to observe a classroom. Once approved
(background cleared) contact campus administration to schedule visits.
All visitors must enter through the main office and obtain a visitor’s badge. You must have a
photo identification card (driver’s license, state identification, or passport) in order to be cleared
by our visitor login system to visit. Visitors are allowed in monitored settings, for limited time,
and under the direction of the campus administration.
General Eligibility:
As safety of our students is a priority, the following guidelines are used in determining eligibility
for volunteering, field trip monitoring, and/or campus visitation. Please understand that this is
not an all inclusive list but a general guideline for our community.
a. No felony arrests
b. No misdemeanor arrests within 5 years.


Volunteers Visitors College Observation Guidelines.pdf, 39.12 KB; (Last Modified on January 28, 2021)