COVID Plan 2021-2022

2021-2022 School Year
Latest guidance- this is fluid and may change Based on the Governor, Local Judge
orders and Texas Commissioner of Education Guidance
We will update as guidance is received
In Person School
1. We will plan to have all students present at school and are NOT planning to offer virtual.
2. The Campus will remain a closed campus during school hours with visitors allowed.
Parents needing to pick up kids for appointments will be allowed to sign them out
through the glass window only.
3. No breakfast or lunch visitors will be allowed.
4. Unfortunately, this means the first day of school there will be no parents/guardians in the
building and we will not be able to have meet the teacher night in person.
Medical Protocol
1. FACE MASKS are required to be worn in the building. Parents should supply these for
their children and send them to school with these daily. This is subject to change with
Governor orders.
2. Students or staff running fever should remain home
3. Attached is a color protocol of how we will handle possible exposure and exposure to
4. Parents/ Guardians are being asked to review the symptoms list and temperature
checking for their children daily. However, we will not check each student daily as they
enter the building.
Other Areas for consideration during in person school.
1. School Buses- We just bought new buses with air conditioning for all routes - YEA!
a. FACE MASKS and SEATBELTS must be worn on the bus
b. School buses will run normal routes with normal number of students on board
c. School buses will be sprayed each evening with disinfectant
2. Cafeteriaa. Student will be assigned to table to sit at and be social distanced by grade level
i. For example: all first grade students will sit at the same table grouping
with social distanced space away from the next grade level.
b. Tables disinfected between groups coming in to eat.
3. Water Fountains
a. No student will be able to drink from the fountain, but we are replacing the
fountains with bottle fillers.
b. Students will be able have a bottle for water only in the classroom.
4. Restrooms
a. Bathrooms will be cleaned after every passing period.
b. Door handles and hallway common touch point areas will be cleaned after
passing periods
UIL/ExtraCurricular activities1. Students must be present at school and at practice to participate in UIL/Extracurricular
Activities. These activities expose the students to many other kids/schools/fans. If a
student cannot attend face to face instruction, then the student will not be able to
participate in extracurricular activities that expose the student further.
Home but Instructing Virtually
Parents may choose this option but it does limit student participation in extracurricular
1. Parents will have the ability to sign out a computer per child for the school year.
Agreement must be signed - Computers must return or pay for missing, not returned, or
damaged computers at the end of year.
2. Grades prek-12 -Students will be required to log into class daily with their teacher at the
normal class time- real time instruction will occur via online (zoom) meeting.
3. GRADING AND ATTENDANCE (90%) rule will apply- all assignments given in face to
face must be completed by those entering the classroom remotely. Failure to complete
assignments or be in attendance will result in failing grades.
4. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) will be covered following the TEKS
resource systems scope and sequence.
5. Presently -STAAR testing will occur either in person or remotely.


2021-2022 COVID Return To School Plan.pdf, 90.37 KB; (Last Modified on September 21, 2021)